Practice for psychoanalysis

At different phases in life, it can be useful to take a step back and consider why we run into certain blockages, what baggage from our past we continue to carry with us and what our deeper desires are for the future. Sometimes there are symptoms like depression, anxiety or compulsive behavior which lead us to start this process. Or it may be that recurring conflicts in work or love relationships are the motivation. But also, when everything is going well, we may ask ourselves larger questions about meaning which become the starting point for deeper reflection and personal development.

In my practice I offer a confidential environment and the support that enables one to reflect and look differently at oneself. By examining our daily life and with the help from our unconscious, for example through listening to one’s dreams, we can develop a greater awareness of ourselves and the relationships we have with people around us. This new perspective forms the basis for discovering and realizing our deeper desires.

Clients can choose between a shorter process of personal coaching or a longer process of psychoanalysis.